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Strategic Technology Assessment (STA)


The Strategic Technology Assessment is an all-encompassing service. The STA provides detailed descriptions of where high-risk components exist in your IT environment and the recommendations to solve those problems. There are three phases to this project. The Investigation Process is performed to gather the necessary information about your IT infrastructure. The Technology Profile provides an easy to read table that highlights high-risk applications or environments. The Recommendation Phase provides a technology road-map, recommendations, and potential costs associated with the individual projects.


Consolidation Assessment -- Server, Storage, Client, Database, Datacenter


The Consolidation Assessment will provide a complete analysis and road map of both the Technical and Financial impact of a Server, Client, Storage, Database, and/or Data Center Consolidation Project of your environment, resulting in:

  •  Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) analysis of the selected current IT environment

  • Compare baseline to the costs of an appropriate replacement solution, either on-premise or in a private or public cloud

  •  Provide a detailed Return On Investment analysis using the financial guidelines and language established by the client


For businesses that must increase their ability to adapt, enterprise consolidation is a strategic imperative that can help increase efficiency, reduce administrative costs and enhance performance. You can:


  • Reduce system costs while increasing productivity and manageability

  • Eliminate unnecessary redundancies

  • Improve data center performance and availability

  • Establish an environmentally friendly “Green” framework of carbon footprint reduction and reduced energy consumption

  • Increase network security and business agility

Third Party Maintenanace

Stable Concepts offers global service and support for data center server, storage and networking equipment for leading OEMs such as Cisco, Dell, EMC, IBM and HPE. With expertise in both x86 and UNIX environments, you will receive the attention you need to keep all of your critical IT infrastructure equipment up and running. Stable Concepts can also provide assistance with basic and enhanced OS support for select operating systems.


Performance Assessment – Server, Storage, Client, Database, Datacenter


Improving the performance of your existing infrastructure is one key aspect to consider when analyzing options with your IT environment. If you are having performance issues with your database for example, the Performance Assessment will perform testing and provided detailed analysis into why the degradation of your database is occurring. The Assessment can also be used to identify system related security, configuration and availability issues before they affect your critical operations. The output from the Assessment will highlight the results and provide you with solid recommendations to fix the errors.


Storage Assessment


Are you running out of storage space? Is your backup process taking too long? Our Storage Assessment Service can help you dramatically improve your storage infrastructure. Based on your environment and business requirements a Storage Assessment can provide you with the following:


  • Document your existing storage infrastructure

  • Define a tiered storage architecture

  • Architect a comprehensive backup solution

  • Recommended end state with hardware and software components

  • Determine whether potential cost savings can be derived using cloud-based storage


Client Computing Assessment


Are you looking at moving to Thin Clients? Are you considering a move to a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure? Are you having issues with your Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) implementation? Then our Client Computing Assessment could be right for you. This Assessment will analyze your current client and datacenter infrastructure, gather information on your business needs and recommend a solution. Whether you stick with a thick client or move everything to thin clients or take a hybrid approach, you must develop a robust system that serves your end users with at or better performance than the prior infrastructure.


Datacenter Environmental Assessment


Are you faced with Power & Cooling constraints? Do you have hot pockets in your datacenter? Are you getting pressured to reduce your energy usage? If so, our Datacenter Environmental Assessment would be the right solution to help you solve these challenging problems. The Datacenter Environmental Assessment can analyze the impact potential changes in layout, equipment and cooling capacity can have on your infrastructure. The assessment will examine the facility infrastructure to make sure all energy saving solutions are in synch with reliability, scalability, maintainability, schedule and cost. The Datacenter Environmental Assessment can help you save money, improve efficiency and become environmentally friendly.


Disaster Preparedness Assessment


This Assessment can help you implement a business continuity strategy that prepares you to mitigate your risks and minimize the consequences of any potential disruption. The Assessment will provide you with a road-map to implement a cost-effective continuity strategy aligned with your business objectives. It will help you evaluate your preparedness, clarify your requirements and determine the most appropriate strategies for your business.


Wireless Network Assessment


This Assessment helps you build reliable and secure wireless networks. The service is customizable; deliverables typically include the following: pre-sales consultation; scope of work; site survey (site map with wireless access point locations, areas of wireless coverage, network connectivity and configuration information); presentation and workshop on the assessment report’s finding and recommendations; and hard and soft copies of the report.


Virtualization Health Check


Virtualization Health Check ensures their customers have an optimized and secure virtualized IT environment. The service is customizable; deliverables typically include the following: pre-sales consultation; scope of work; best practices assessment (a variety of tools are used to collect system information and usage data); hardware assessment (performance, consolidation ratios, etc.); storage assessment; management systems assessment; one (1) to four (4) days on-site and off-site development of assessment report; presentation and workshop on the assessment report’s finding and recommendations; and hard and soft copies of the report.


Web Application Vulnerability Assessment


The Web Application Vulnerability Assessment helps businesses identify vulnerabilities in web application source code and provides a recommended approach to remediate vulnerabilities found based on industry best practices. During our assessment our security consultants assume the role of an external attacker and will attempt to exploit potential weaknesses in a web applications source code to gain access to corporate systems.


Penetration Test Assessment


The Penetration Test Assessment helps businesses identify vulnerabilities in security defenses and provides a recommended approach for remediation based on industry best practices. During our assessment a Stable Concepts security consultant assumes the role of an external attacker and will attempt to circumvent security controls to gain access to the target corporate IP address.

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